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My New Stove

My new stove with my new cabinets to the right of the stove.


Kitchen Cabinets.

Kitchen CabinetsI am building my own kitchen cabinets out of shiplap, I have completed the first two cabinets.

Now, I am starting on a pantry which will go in the other corner. The pantry will be 30″ wide by 20″ deep and 72″ high.

Outdoor Fireplace

Fireplace with cooking grate

This is the Fireplace I built. I found a link on the internet about a no mortar fireplace and I thought what a neat way to build an inexpensive fireplace. I found a nice level spot to build the fireplace, also away from any building, etc, which could be a fire hazard. You could put sand down to create a nice smooth base. The center is made up of 6 red 1.5″x16″x8″ blocks, I think they are called patio blocks. In front of these I put two 4″x8″x16″ blocks, to give a front edge to the fire pit.  Next I built the walls of the fireplace with 8″x8″x16″ blocks. The bottom row has full sized blocks, on the second row I use 2 half sized blocks, 8″x8″x8″ blocks. I placed the half sized blocks at the top front, just to make everything look uniform. The top layer is again the red patio blocks.

Most of the blocks I had already, so only had to buy a few blocks. I did find out some of the older blocks were slightly off in the measurements. If I had used all new blocks, might of had a little tighter fit. In any case the fireplace is strong and sturdy.

Ready for Winter

The Homestead

The Homestead

Today, I spent some time getting my riding mower put away in the shed and got the shed mostly ready for winter. It was warm today, almost 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Just got a few more things to do. I want to get the sand ready for the ice and snow and put markers up to mark the edges of the driveway.