Is an Orange Really an Orange?

Florida Oranges

Florida Oranges

You go to the store and once again the price of that orange juice has gone up again. So what is one to do.

Well about a year ago, I got fed up with the poor quality of my OJ and the high price I was paying. Then I discovered I could buy a bag of Florida squeezing oranges for 3 or 4 dollars and I would get about 8 or 9 oranges out of the bag.

So my mind started working overtime. I found a citrus juice squeezer at Walmart, so the fate of the orange juice was sealed.

I started squeezing my own juice, now mind you, these are not the navel oranges, that are meant for only peeling and eating. These are the more inexpensive squeezing oranges that only come from Florida. Around about June, I discovered that they were no longer in the stores, yes the crop is normally harvested from November through May, depending on variety. This is the 4th of November and they are available already.

The summer of eating processed orange juice is over, yes, I said processed. Even the best Orange juice has to be flash pasteurized so that it can be shipped up north. But the fresh fruit has all the nutrients and enzymes that it had on the tree. The flash pasteurization kills the enzymes, so eating fresh is so much better and you can taste the difference.

This time of year, the fruit tends to be small, but I am not complaining, the taste and quality is so much better than the processed orange juice.

Good food, Good God, Let’s eat, drink and be merry.


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