All Hallow’s Eve

The Celtic name for Halloween is Samhain (pronounced SOW-en). Samhain is a pagan/wiccan holiday celebrated October 31st through November 1st. In the old times, a bonfire was lit and tended through the night. It marks the end of the year or harvest time and the beginning of the darkness till the return of spring, which is signified by the pagan holiday, Beltane.

During Samhain, the veil thins and pagans can contact their ancestors and loved ones who have passed over into Summerland (Heaven). Feasts were often held on this day, place settings were made for those who had passed over as an invitation to join together at the “Feast of the Dead”, as it is frequently called. Food and drink were often left out for the visitors from the, “Otherworld”. The modern day Halloween tradition developed out of the pagan tradition of old.

Many pagans and wiccans consider this a serious holiday as it should be treated in an honorable manner.


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